It is well-known for thousands of years that aloe vera is good for our skin. Many cultures used aloe vera in their daily routines. Egyptians have been calling it the plant of immortality!

It also very common nowadays for people to use aloe vera to treat acne and other various skin conditions such as sunburns and scars, is aloe vera good for acne scars too?

The answer might surprise you, aloe can indeed help you a little with acne scaring but not in the way you might be thinking. At least not by itself. There is a huge marketing hype around aloe vera, supporting that aloe vera gel soothes your skin, removes scars and does all sorts of things.

The truth is that as with the marijuana craze, aloe vera is subject of heavy testing from scientists and since data are not yet definite we can not say for sure whether aloe is THE thing for your acne scars, or for your skin. Again as with the weed studies we have a lot of contradictions on the results of studies. Today we will focus on the positive scientific findings about aloe. Forget marketing for a while.

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How does aloe vera help acne scars

aloe vera heating in the sunAloe vera can help you with acne scars only if you use it while you still suffer from acne.

One of the most beneficial effects of aloe vera, is that it reduces inflammation. Inflammation is a major reason why we get scars when we have acne. The more inflammation you have on your acne the more you damage your skin and the higher the possibility of scaring after acne cools down.Many people are afraid that if they apply aloe gel on their acne that they will break out. This is not the case. Aloe vera gel consists on a large percentage of water.

Also it has been shown that aloe vera also has antimicrobial properties, this means that it kills not only acne bacteria, but other potentially harmful microorganisms such as viruses, protozoa, fungi, yeast, some algae and even some worms as well. Of course aloe vera isn’t that strong to eliminate them all and completely. It is strong enough to help you deal with these guys and definitely it doesn’t help them spread.

This is why, it is very common for people with acne to use aloe vera to treat their acne on a daily basis. Because it helps reducing acne and at the same time prevents scaring. Some studies suggest that up to 30% of acne patients use or have used at some point aloe vera for their acne.

I don’t recommend overdoing it, aloe vera isn’t a cure nor a treatment for your acne. It is a prevention measure when you have really inflamed acne and need results fast.

You should find more sustainable solutions to cool down inflammation because over the long run aloe vera can cause irritation to the skin if used on a daily basis. There is also a small fraction of people who won’t tolerate or they might have allergies to aloe vera, there is no need to force your skin to accept it. If your skin doesn’t respond well, stop using it.

Benefits of aloe vera on acne scars

aloe extractionNow you have a very good way to prevent scarring from acne by applying aloe vera gel in your inflamed spots.

But what aloe vera has to offer to people who don’t have acne? What for the after acne scars? Not much.

Aloe vera will a have a small effect on your scaring, but it will be very small and you have to do it for long time. Most studies show no improvement by the use of aloe vera, or vitamin E on acne scars. But aloe vera can be of great help if used combined with other scar treatments.

Two common methods of treating acne scars for example are dermabrasion and microdermabrasion. In case of dermabrasion, which is deeper with longer recovery times and more to complications aloe vera can help you a lot after the procedures according to this study. It’s hydrating, anti inflammatory and antimicrobial properties make it one of the best regimens for your skin after a dermabrasion procedure.

Talk to your doctor before the procedure and discuss with him/her on what products to use after the procedure. Also i would recommend that you use aloe vera in a small portion of your skin a few weeks before the procedure. Just to make sure you don’t have any sensitivities or negative reactions.

Aloe vera juice for acne scars

aloe vera juice

Most of the benefits of applying aloe vera on your skin can also occur through oral consumption as a juice.

Although these two ways have different implications and used for different conditions. In general, drinking aloe juices will help you with inflammation and therefore will protect you from ongoing scar creation in cases of inflamed acne similar with gel application on the skin.

But keep in mind that aloe may also have other unwanted effects, such as lowering blood glucose and lipid levels. Since research on the effects of aloe vera on the human body are still at the beginning with not many data to back up the claims, i wouldn’t recommend drinking it. I believe it is better to stick with gel application as a safer and more effective solution.

With all that in mind and with critical thinking you may give it a try, after all it is not that expensive compared to other scar treatments and as a home remedy it is very easy to use. You can buy it as a stabilized gel or if you prefer, you can get it fresh from the plant.

If you want to really see some results go for a dermabrasion or microdermabrasion procedure depending how deep your scars are. Discuss with your doctor about the recent discoveries aloe has to offer to dermabrasion recovery.

Do it in a way that doesn’t insult him/her, don’t forget that doctors spend many many years studying before they get to work. They hate when random people tell them they don’t know things. Or even worse, how they should do things.

That’s it…aloe vera rocks as prevention measure for acne scars and can be used beautifully with dermabrasion procedures. Happy aloeing..


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